Live Demo | ResellerClub Stripe Payment Gateway PHP Script (LITE Version)

Reseller Login Demo:

Password: Rese#2020

Customer Login/Supersite Demo:

Password: Cust#2020

Steps to Test to Add Funds for Reseller/Customer in Control Panel:

1) Login to Reseller/Customer Control Panel
2) Click on My Billing --> Add Funds
3) Select Stripe (LITE) and Click on Continue
4) Enter amount as 10 USD and Click Submit
   to test ResellerAddFund and CustomerAddFund

Steps to Test Product Purchase in Supersite:

1) Login to
2) Click on Email --> Business Email
3) Click on Buy Now and Enter
4) Select Stripe (LITE) and Click on Pay Online to test

Stripe Card Details for Test Payment:

Email: Any Email
Card number: 4242424242424242
Expiry date: Any future date e.g 12/19
CVC: Any 3 digit number e.g 123

Please Note that as this is demo system no web services (domain/email/hosting) will be registered after test payment completion

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