Live Demo | ResellerClub Flutterwave Payment Gateway PHP Script

Reseller Login Demo:

Password: Rese#2k20

Customer Login/Supersite Demo:

Password: Cust#2020

Steps to Test to Add Funds for Reseller/Customer in Control Panel:

1) Login to Reseller/Customer Control Panel
2) Click on My Billing --> Add Funds
3) Select Flutterwave and Click on Continue
4) Enter amount as 10 USD and Click Submit
   to test ResellerAddFund and CustomerAddFund

Steps to Test Product Purchase in Supersite:

1) Login to
2) Click on Email --> Business Email
3) Click on Buy Now and Enter
4) Select Flutterwave and Click on Pay Online to test

Flutterwave Card Details for Test Payment:

Test Visa Card 3D-Secure authentication
Card Number: 4187 4274 1556 4246
CVV: 828
Expiry: 09/21
Pin: 3310
OTP: 12345

Please Note that as this is demo system no web services (domain/email/hosting) will be registered after test payment completion

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